Practices Have Had To Close.
Physicians Are Out Of Work.

Physicians and their practices have been hit hard by the current circumstances. The irony is that many professionals and their office staff find themselves out of a job, despite the healthcare crisis surrounding them. Let's try to fix that.

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Patients & communities need our help. 

Now more than ever.

Hospitals are overwhelmed or may soon be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, and are looking for ways to shore up their staffing resources to care for those in the community. 


We are living through an unprecedented time in medical history. A time when physicians are pitching in and thinking differently about how they can make a difference in people’s lives. 

Your care has never been more needed.

To that end, Curi and OnCall have created this site to connect physicians who are willing and able to work with the communities and healthcare systems that desperately need help. Many physicians need opportunities for income, as their practices have closed. Others just need to answer the call to help.
This effort has been built by physicians for physicians. 

Our goal: to help you help others.

We match hospitals and communities looking for help with healthcare professionals wanting to help.

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If there is anything that you think we or a partner can do to help, reach out. We are here for you. Email us at


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DISCLAIMER: The operation of HelpfulPractices arose as a result of a declared state of national emergency by the U.S. President on March 13, 2020.  Throughout the U.S. there is a documented and researched shortage of physicians needed to address the Covid-19 pandemic. That shortage is projected to continue through 2020. 


Many private physicians find themselves out of work as their normal practice routines have been altered significantly by the crisis we face. Many locations in the U.S. with acute physician shortages desperately need help in finding physicians to work and to provide care. HelpfulPractices seeks to be a posting site where those physicians in need of work, and who desire to assist in this crisis, and those entities who need to augment physicians services, can connect with each other.  We allow willing physicians to post information as to their availability, and willing entities to post regarding their physician needs.


We do not perform any searches or investigations as to the backgrounds, credentials, status, licensures or any other form of due diligence as to either any physician or entity posting on this site. We make no representation as to any such information. That work is left solely to those seeking a "match" to perform to their own satisfaction.

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